Woman fined for violating 'burqa ban' in Denmark


But when we get up and stop the tumult, one woman is wearing niqab and the other is not, "says David Borchersen".

The woman was slapped with a fine of 1,000 Danish kroner ($210) and requested to either remove the veil or leave the premises.

A spokesperson for group Kvinder I Dialog (Women In Dialogue) told the Independent: "The goal of this demonstration is to show that we do not accept this kind of unjust treatment regardless of who we are dealing with". They face fines of 1,000 Danish krone (£120) for a first offence, to 10,000 krone for a...

Denmark brought in a burqa ban on August 1, forbidding anything covering a person's entire face and the niqab, which only shows the eyes.

Police obtained CCTV footage of the incident.

Protests in Denmark broke out over the new law, which also bans balaclavas, masks, and false beards.

Huffington Post reports that the women and their allies were protesting against the ban on wearing face veils in public which just took effect.

The 28-year-old woman had been involved in an altercation at a shopping centre north of Copenhagen, where another woman had attempted to remove her face veil.

Human rights campaigners have said the ban is a violation of women's rights, while supporters argue it enables better integration of Muslim immigrants into Danish society. France became the first European country to ban the full-face veil from public spaces in 2011, with fines of up to €150 (Dhs640) for those caught wearing the garment.

"Denmark's ban is part of a worrisome trend that only marginalizes Muslim women in Europe and penalizes them for expressing their beliefs", Women's Rights Division researcher Hillary Margolis wrote.