Smoking is now banned at public housing complexes


But just one violation "is not grounds for eviction", and smoking on public housing premises is a civil violation, not a crime, the agency said in setting guidelines for local enforcement.

The new policy effectively bans smoking within 25 feet of public housing projects.

Housing and Urban Development says this new ban creates healthy environments that encourage people who smoke to quit or attempt to reduce smoking.

According to the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, it affects more than 940,000 public housing units around the country.

She says it can linger in rooms and travel between homes in multi-unit housing.

Beginning Tuesday, smoking in and around the more than 900,000 public housing units is now prohibited.

However, Greensboro's Housing Authority implemented its policy in May 2018, and the rules are stricter than the national policy - and residents and their visitors cannot smoke anywhere on the property. "Then, there would probably be an issue if they get caught smoking cigarettes - then there's the fine, paying money, or being put out.but, to each his own".

In recent years, studies have shown that secondhand smoke can make its way throughout multifamily housing, moving from units occupied by smokers into units occupied by nonsmokers. The ban will not prohibit e-cigarettes, snuff, or chewing tobacco.

Residents are fuming at the new policies stating it's not fair they will be monitored in their homes.

"Are they going to evict a single mother with two to three children because someone was smoking on their porch", questioned Gary Foster.