Egyptian archaeologists reveal contents of mysterious giant sarcophagus in Alexandria


Egypt's antiquities ministry had previously dismissed the chances of finding Alexander's remains in the sarcophagus. The sarcophagus has made headlines in several global and local newspapers and TV channels.

Ancient bones sit in a pool of sewage water inside an Egyptian sarcophagus.

An article written in The Express was entitled, "Egypt mummy discovered: Archaeologists warned against opening mysterious sarcophagus".

A giant black sarcophagus has been opened up, and it's full of poo.

"It is conceivable to me that (the sarcophagus has been) reused in a later period", he said. "We deserve the horrors that await". "This sarcophagus was found according to regular procedures". "Oh well, I'm off to Tesco to stock up on holy water".

Still others claim that the sarcophagus belongs to an ancient Egyptian royal, and it is full of funerary gold. "Unfortunately, the mummies inside were not in the best condition and only the bones remain", Mostafa Waziri, secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, said. In one update, Waziri shut down speculation that one of the decomposed mummies was Alexander The Great.

Some of you even suggested the eldritch box should not be opened, for fear it contained a bad curse.

The discovery of the sarcophagus on a construction site in June is a rare find in Alexandria, a fabled port city where most traces of Egypt's ancient civilizations have crumbled into the waves or lie buried beneath urban sprawl.

Dispelling rumours, Waziri added: "We've opened it and, thank God, the world has not fallen into darkness".

It is made of black granite about 265cm long and 185cm tall.

Egyptian media had raised concerns that they could be about to unleash 2,000-year-old vengeance on the city of Alexandria, but things seem okay so far.

It's Mark Antony not Alexander the Great.

"I was the first to put my whole head inside the sarcophagus, and here I stand before you - I am fine". Else it would be empty, previously robbed by tomb raiders.

Hawass believes that if the sarcophagus is intact it could only house a mummy.