Hall H Debut Of New ‘Doctor Who’ Unveils New Season Teaser


Jodie Whittaker will make history as the first female Doctor in the BBC sci-fi series' run, a move that has received some of the expected pig-headed pushback, but more importantly has been welcomed by most with relieved, loving and open arms.

Doctor Who returns to BBC One this autumn.

The Doctor Who panel at San Diego Comic-Con was a big lovefest for Whittaker and the new-look series, and rightfully so.

Whittaker is the first woman to play the role, which has also been occupied recently by Peter Capaldi and Matt Smith. The roundels behind Whittaker also suggest the poster is "set" in the TARDIS.

Despite the media noise around the change of gender for the role which accompanied the announcement of Whittaker in the role past year, the Hall H panel didn't dwell on the topic for long, instead pressing cast and producers for details of the upcoming season.

There's room for learning all around, though.

Jodie, who worked with Chibnall on the hit ITV series Broadchurch, explains that she's excited to be a role model as the 13th Doctor, especially to young girls watching the iconic BBC show.

"All of this is new to me", says the Doctor.

"It will be exciting when women aren't treated as a genre, but as a cast member", she said.

But Chibnall discussed how trying to open up Doctor Who to everyone isn't just about casting a woman. This year of Doctor Who features the first writer (s) of color, and there are two women and three men coming in as guest writers this season.

"People need to know the business is for them as well", Strevens said. We're not sure the Doctor's ship will even appear. "If she wasn't right, they would have said something". And you best believe guys are already cosplaying Whittaker's costume at Comic-Con this year. Ryan gets "caught in a insane situation" when he accompanies the Doctor, whom he "challenges".

Judging by the sheer noise in Hall H, fans are ready.

With a new Doctor, new producers, and new friends, it is only fitting that the Doctor get a new screwdriver.

Jodie Whittaker's First Doctor Who Teaser Trailer is Here! But with season 11, Yasmin (Gill), Ryan (Cole), and Graham (Bradley Walsh) will be referred to as "friends", a change in the nomenclature that Chibnall felt was due.