Trump rants that Immigration laws are ‘insane’ and must be fixed now


Many people of different ages, ethnic backgrounds and religions held handmade signs to protest President Trump's zero tolerance immigration policy.

Turnout was greater in the nation's big cities, of course; but the message was essentially the same everywhere as people rallied under "Families Belong Together" banners. Our Correspondent Jon Brain reports from Tijuana in Mexico. He also recognizes that numerous issues that his fellow laborers face are also shared by many undocumented workers, which is why he stands in solidarity with them. But most are refugees, fleeing their own countries in desperation. Last week, a federal judge ordered that children separated from their parents be reunited within 30 days, sooner for youngsters under 5.

President Trump issued an executive order stopping the family separations earlier this month; however, protesters say it wasn't enough and they wanted to show solidarity with immigrant families.

Pressed specifically about Gelernt's claim that people with pending asylum claims were being presented with the form, an ICE official told TPM: "We have heard about such claims; however, to date no one has been able to provide us the specific case info for any of these alleged incidents so that we may look into it and determine if anything was done out of order".

But if the Trump administration finds ankle monitors insufficiently cruel, it could at least throw its support behind expanding the ranks of immigration judges.

A Little Rock father told how his wife had been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and taken to a center in Louisiana.

"The current crisis will not end until every child that has been separated is reunited with their parents, every family is treated with dignity and due process, and our immigration policies reflect our values", Ms. Lieberman said.

Miranda has effectively rewritten a tale from the past to educate modern generations about an immigrant who was integral in the construction of our country.

Celebrities like Alicia Keys and America Ferrera, who both happen to be mothers, spoke at a protest in Washington DC, calling for migrant families split at the border to be reunited. Another group of protesters mobilized near a golf resort in New Jersey where Trump was enjoying his weekend holiday, from which he took time off to tweet, "The Liberal Left, also known as the Democrats, want to get rid of ICE, who do a fantastic job, and want Open Borders".

"T$3 his form only applies to parents with a final order and who are part of a specific class action suit", she added, referring to the ACLU's lawsuit over family separation. "Dems want Open Borders and are weak on Crime!" alleged the USA president.

Some do want an end to ICE or for local law enforcement not to participate in the 287 (g) program that allows local officers to partner with ICE and exercise immigration authority within their jurisdictions.

As we are celebrating America's Independence Day, we have seen the shameful result.