Mass brawl erupts during Australia v Philippines basketball match


A basketball game between Australian Boomers and the Philippines descended into chaos, as the match erupted into a vicious fight - including a flying kick from NBA player Thon Maker - during a FIBA World Cup qualifying match.

The match, in Bulacan, in the Philippines, was eventually called off at the end of the third quarter with Australia leading 89-53, after the hosts lost another player due to a foul.

The next second, both teams - and a few fans - were engaged in the violent fight, with kicks, punches and even chairs being thrown.

"If FIBA's response isn't adequate, I'm going to pursue my own legal avenues to protect my clients".

The skirmish continued in disgusting fashion, as while some of the Australians had been chased off toward halfcourt, Goulding, the player who was caught with the initial elbow, was isolated and pinned to the ground by a group of Filipino players and officials.

"Hours later and my blood is still boiling".

Retired NBA championship victor now Boomers assistant coach Luc Longley was heroic for entering the fray and helping clear away the crowds from Goulding and Sobey, if not for his 218-centimetre frame and quick, calm actions there might have been a much worse outcome.

"Luc Longley might have just saved Chris Goulding's life", he tweeted.

"This is very hard to watch".

Senators stand by Gilas Pilipinas after a brawl with Australia during a FIBA qualifier match on July 2.

Milwaukee Bucks forward Thon Maker flew towards a Philippines player with his knee, while former National Basketball Association star Andray Blatche of the Philippines appeared to throw several punches at Australian players. Australia's Daniel Kickert took exception to the foul on his teammate and launched an elbow at an unsuspecting member of the Philippines team, setting off the free-for-all.

A whopping nine players were ejected from the games, meaning that, according to Fox Sports Australia, the game had to continue five-versus-three. "One may criticize how the game ended, but the true test of a fan is to stick with his team win or lose, through thick and thin", Angara said in a statement on Tuesday, July 3.

A largescale brawl broke out during a FIBA World Cup qualifier between Australia and the Philippines on Monday. "We didn't want [that to happen]".

Both basketball organisations are awaiting penalties for the brawl.

Moore said Australian players, coaches and officials held genuine fears for their physical safety in what he described as a "tinderbox" of tension in the Philippines, where basketball is the most popular sport.

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