Heather Locklear arrested again for battery of a police officer, EMT


Actress Heather Locklear was arrested for a second time in 2018 by Ventura County Sheriff's deputies.

Locklear was arrested on suspicion of injuring a partner and fighting with sheriff's officers at her home in Thousand Oaks on the night of February 25.

Police originally arrived at Locklear's home to answer a disturbance call from a family member, according to TMZ.

Then, she allegedly went on to kick an EMT who was attempting to put her on a gurney. After being held in California's Ventura County main jail facility on $20,000 bail, she was released just after 9 a.m. In February, she was charged with one count of domestic violence and three counts of battery on emergency personnel.

"This entire situation is devastating for Heather and for her family", the source tells ET of Locklear's recent troubles with the law.

After Locklear was arrested, police wanted her to be evaluated due to her level of intoxication, so they had medical personnel on the scene. She later plead not guilty to these four misdemeanor counts of battery in April, according to the Associated Press.

Locklear was also allegedly unco-operative with the sheriff's deputies and became combative. She could not be reached for comment as of press time.

Since then, she was hospitalized earlier in June after police responded to an incident at her mansion in which she was allegedly suicidal and threatening to end her life.

The 911 call reported a disturbance at her home and when cops arrived, she appeared intoxicated and agitated. The dispatcher said the caller told her to "get the police her now".

Locklear has posted a number of pictures of her boyfriend Chris Heisser to Instagram.