"Gears Of War 5" Trailer Debuts At E3


Branching the franchise out in new directions is part of a greater overhaul - for instance, the games have been rebranded as Gears (dropping Of War in perpetuity).

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Players and fans attentions were captivated by the reveal of the mobile Pop figure based Gears game and OpTic Gaming's professional team Coach Ashes weighed in on the matter.

Interestingly, Gears Tactics seems to be exclusive to the PC, with more details incoming at a later date.

A turn-based tactics game.

More news will be shared on both titles later on, but they'll be coming to iOS and Android. The new title will follow Kait Diaz, previously one of your squad members in the last game, as she journeys across the frozen north. Gears Tactics will also feature boss fights, and we even got a glimpse of a Brumak in the trailer.

"As Kait, you'll journey across the biggest and most attractive world we've ever created while the war for humanity escalates on two fronts - outside the capital city and within Kait herself..."