Managing Your Phone Addiction Is the Next Frontier for iOS 12


One feature Apple may highlight is digital health, with the iPhone-maker talking up new tools to help you manage (and cut back on) how much time you spend on your phone, Bloomberg reported.

As for iPad, Apple could unveil new devices with the firm's latest A11 processor, already used in the firm's latest iPhone handsets.

Citing people familiar with the plans, the report claims that the MacBook refresh, which includes a new MacBook Pro, 12-inch MacBook, and cheaper MacBook Air successor, won't arrive until later this year.

The digital wellbeing movement is part of a fairly recent course correction for Silicon Valley tech companies, which are now being held accountable for the addictive nature of the devices, apps and services they've created. Former Facebook president Sean Parker stated Facebook's design exploited weakness in the human psyche to addict users, and said he anxious about what it was doing to kids' brains. It's likely that Apple would use a similar technology in iOS 12 to bridge the reality gap.

Now the industry giants are putting some of these principles into practice.

Apple in the coming week will introduce tools for letting two iPhone users share augmented reality. I also wouldn't be surprised with new health and fitness capabilities being added to new versions of watchOS. Up until a day ago, it was anticipated that the iPhone SE 2 will launch bef0re WWDC 2018. This update will enable users to play AR games in a multiplayer manner in the very same virtual environment. Bloomberg expects Apple to save this year's revisions for much later.

Writing for Bloomberg, he says "a new suite of gadgets is unlikely" because the MacBooks aren't ready and an iPad Pro with Face ID will also come later. They've also gone after Apple, trying to tell them to find ways to stop people from spending their entire lives in their phones, and it sounds like it'll be complying with iOS 12.

To catch up to Amazon and Google's digital speakers, Apple will have to improve Siri. After iOS 11 was launched with a plethora of bugs and issues which Apple is still ironing out, the next generation software will focus on performance issues and features that were previously not prevalent in iOS. Unlike previous year, there will be no announcements pertaining to the company's Mac lineup.

The precise details of how Apple's new system will work, or if it would support three or more players, were not available. More significant changes will take time.