New music streaming service YouTube Music to be launched next week


Google is launching this music service because it says that YouTube in its current form is not an ideal platform for consuming music.

YouTube Red offers ad-free videos along with added features.

Google Play Music subscribers will automatically move to YouTube Music, without losing their playlists, purchases and uploads.

The new promotion upheld adaptation of YouTube Music will be accessible for free.

Our friends in the US have long had YouTube Red, which a subscription service which offered videos from major networks and other originals without ads. In a nutshell, the former is a rebranded Google Play Music with videos thrown in while YouTube Premium is YouTube Red with a new name. Existing YouTube Red subscribers will be grandfathered into their current price of $10 per month.

YouTube Music will replace Google Play Music as the primary player on Android devices. In order to avoid ads, users will have to pay $11.99/month or subscribe to YouTube premium that includes YouTube Music. For those who are already members of YouTube Red, their monthly bill will not be going up.

Google Play Music has failed to match the popularity of similar services like Spotify, Amazon Music, or Apple Music. The audio-visual app will promises "music videos that you can't find anywhere else" plus "deep cuts you can't find anywhere else", suggesting that exclusive content will differentiate YouTube Music from its competitors.

On Thursday, YouTube announced the details of the newest version of its music streaming service, YouTube Music. The service will be available as a desktop player and as an app. So you still get background playback, the ability to store videos for offline viewing and an ad-free viewing experience as well.

The platform will also offer personalised recommendations based on users' personalised history. YouTube is still the world's number one service for online music, but most of its 1.5 billion users listen to the ad-supported music for free. As long as you describe it well, or provide a line or two of lyrics, it will give you the song you want. The service will launch in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea.