Gov. Rauner proposes restoration of death penalty in IL


He also said the death penalty would only be used if there was no doubt whatsoever the person committed the crime. Death penalty opponents point to the 20 death row inmates who have been exonerated in the past three decades as proof of problem here in IL.

"So many instances the individual is caught within the act".

In a Monday morning press conference in Chicago, Rauner said the death penalty should return for certain offenders.

The new gun legislation bill would require anyone purchasing assault rifles to wait for 72 hours before picking up their firearm from a gun dealer.

On Monday, Governor Bruce Rauner announced that he is proposing re-instating a portion of the death penalty in Illinois - a measure which is a part of an amendatory veto that will first go to the Illinois House.

"I think it's regrettable that Rauner has tied this issue to anything other than a straight up issue of the death penalty", Quinn told the Sun-Times.

The American Civil Liberties Union of IL urged state lawmakers to reject the governor's proposal in a statement released Monday, saying, "Seven years after IL ended the flawed, racially-biased death penalty in our state, Governor Bruce Rauner today used an amendatory veto to write this ineffective system back into law. And there are many instances the place there's little doubt who's responsible and so they deserve to surrender their life after they take the lifetime of a police officer".

The amendatory veto also reiterated the governor's support for a ban on bump stocks and trigger cranks. States without waiting periods do not experience less gun crime - is this just another law that only inconveniences the law abiding while doing nothing to curtail criminality?

Public safety and legal experts agree these accessories are not firearms, so the ban is not an infringement of Second Amendment gun rights.

"We need a streamlined mechanism to allow family members and others to flag the need to remove firearms from the hands of people who pose an immediate and present threat to the public or themselves", Rauner said. But in including six elements, the chances of the General Assembly accepting his amendatory veto is slim.

The act requires prosecutors and judges to clearly state - for the record - the rationale for plea agreements, especially those that result in the release of habitual gun offenders.

"There's still the very real possibility of wrongful convictions and wrongful executions occurring", said Skelton.

He wants the effort also to encompass gun control, mental health and school safety. The latter includes formation of regional threat assessment teams to help "harden" potential targets.