Buhari greets Muslims on Ramadan fast


Fasting during Ramadan is mandated among physically and mentally sane Muslims in fulfillment of one of the five pillars of Islam.

Remembering victims of the past unrest and supporting them is essential, he indicated.

What do Muslims do during Ramadan?

The sighting of the new moon will make it clear as to when Ramadan will begin in Pakistan, Bangladesh and other Asian countries.

Muslims are not only required to fast during daylight hours, but must also abstain from sexual intercourse between spouses, smoking, swearing, arguments or gossip.

Lasting about a month, it marks the time when the Quran was first revealed to the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

Muslims, estimated at more than 1.6 billion in 2010 worldwide, observe fasting with intensified prayers and religious rituals in varying degrees depending on the environment prevailing in their locations.

The holy month of Ramadan will commence from Tomorrow May 17th 2018, after the moon was spotted in Delhi, Lukhnow today.

A MONTH OF FASTING- A store in downtown Davao City features mannequins displaying traditional Muslim women's dresses for Ramadan.

During this month, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset.

Saudi Arabian moon observers said that there was no sight of the Ramadan crescent on Tuesday, meaning millions of Muslims around the world will begin the holy month on Thursday. During this time, many pious Muslims traditionally devote more time to prayer, reflection and helping the needy.

Before dawn to prepare for the next day of fasting, families often wake in the night for a light meal known as "suhoor", eating fruits and vegetables, or a small dish with beans, lentils, bread or rice. Muslims around the world are making special arrangements for Iftar - the meal to break the fast, so that poor Muslims don't suffer.

However, in recent years, Ramadan has also seen an increase in terror attacks.

Because the celebration will begin late, this will mean Eid Al-Fitr will most likely begin on Friday, June 15 to mark the breaking of the fast.