In Syria killed more than two dozen foreign fighters


Speaking in the north of Israel earlier Friday, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman sent a message to Syrian President Bashar Assad, telling him to "throw" Iranian forces out of his country.

Minister of military affairs, Avigdor Lieberman, claimed that Israel had "hit nearly all of the Iranian infrastructure in Syria" in response to a barrage of 20 rockets fired at Israeli military outposts in the occupied Golan Heights.

"The repeated attacks by the Zionist regime on Syrian territory were carried out under pretexts that were invented by themselves and are without foundation", said foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi, without offering further details.

Israel says it has conducted dozens of operations in Syria to stop what it says are advanced arms deliveries to one of its main foes, Iran-backed Hezbollah.

Israel said the strikes were in response to a missile volley fired from southern Syria by Iran's Quds force, which struck the occupied Golan Heights without causing casualties.

France still hopes for a wider settlement that will cover Iran's activities across the Middle East, and warned Tehran on Thursday "against any temptation for regional dominance".

"We will expand our missile capabilities despite Western pressure [to curb it]... to let Israel know that if it acts foolishly, Tel Aviv and Haifa will be totally destroyed", Reuters translated Ahmad Khatami as saying during Friday prayers at Tehran University, broadcast on Iranian state television.

"They need to remember the saying that if it rains on us, it'll storm on them".

But Thursday's air raid came amid heightened tension in the regime after President Trump announced on Tuesday that the U.S. would withdraw from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

Over the past few years, Israel has frequently attacked military targets in Syria in what is considered as an attempt to prop up terrorist groups that have been suffering heavy defeats against Syrian government forces.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Iran had "crossed a red line" and that Israel's bombardment against targets in Syria was "a consequence".

"I am announcing today that the United States will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal", Trump said Tuesday in a televised address from the White House.

The IAEA said meanwhile that its chief inspector Tero Varjoranta resigned, without giving a reason for his sudden departure. However, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says Tehran will only accept to remain in the nuclear deal if the E3 gives Tehran a guarantee that it will be able to reap all the benefits of JCPOA.

They also stressed that Iran must be able to reap the benefits of the 2015 agreement.

"We did not cross Iran's borders", he said. "An opportunity has arisen for Israel to uproot Iran from Syria, and we'll take advantage of this opportunity", he said.

On Friday the Kremlin said Russian President Vladimir Putin had spoken with Germany's Angela Merkel and Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a bid to keep the Iran nuclear deal alive.