The truth seems to have come out: PM Modi on Siddaramaiah's 'praise'


"Now the Congress is using fake voter IDs to create fictitious voters and rig the 2018 Karnataka polls", Shah said and asked the Election Commission to ensure free and fair polling in Raja Rajeshwari Nagar constituency, where these cards were seized by police, and other parts of the state. Congress culture, communalism, casteism, crime, corruption and contract system were the six Cs destroying Karnataka's future, Modi added at the rally in Bangarpet near this state capital.

He noted that Congress rule between 2013-18, the state was the top job creator in the country and the party brought Anna Bhagya scheme which fed 4 crore people, built Ramthal Marol, Asia's largest drip irrigation project and also the world's largest solar power park.

The Prime Minister further took a potshot at the previous Congress-led UPA government, and said that the then prime minister Manmohan Singh was controlled by a "remote control", an obvious reference to the then Congress president Sonia Gandhi. "Whatever the high command- the people of India tell me, I will do".

The Bhandara-Gondiya seat fell vacant in December 2017 after BJP MP Nana F. Patole quit the party and joined the Congress.

Meanwhile, NCP preident Sharad Pawar, while speaking at Satara, said that since Congress is spread all over the country and a mood of change is palpable, there is nothing wrong in Rahul trying to projecting himself as the Prime Minister.

"Yesterday someone made an important declaration- he said, "I am going to be Prime Minister!" How will the big leaders who attend these meetings react to this sudden announcement by one "Naamdaar" that he is going to be Prime Minister". In a sharp reaction to Modi's criticism of Gandhi and terming his statement "sheer arrogance", the Shiv Sena Rajya Sabha member and spokesperson Sanjay Raut said that in a democracy the Congress chief had every right to express his desire to become the PM.

As the assembly elections inches nearer, Karnataka has turned into a battlefield with both BJP and Congress indulging in aggressive campaigns.