Google announces smart compose for Gmail users


Smart Compose, with the help of machine learning, will try to predict what you're about to write in an email and suggest phrases accordingly. You can take a look at the feature in action below. The Smart Compose feature operates in the background and users can write an email normally while the AI-integration will offer suggestions as they type. That means that when you're about to email your upstairs neighbor, Gmail might just suggest "Again, I don't want to nag, but I wish you'd do your gymnastics a bit earlier (or far later) than 2AM". Smart Compose has been created to help users draft and send off emails faster than before. Gmail will automatically begin to offer suggestions for words and phrases you might be starting. Google said this will help save time - it can suggest phrases based on context, like "Have a great weekend!" on a Friday. If Spring's just sprung, Smart Compose might suggest "happy Spring!" From there, you should see Smart Compose auto-populate your messages in the not-too-distant future.

Google explains that the new snooze button in Gmail for iOS means you can delay dealing with an email until later.

Remember that Google will soon be rolling out these new attributes in phases, so in the event that you don't find them onto your own iPhone right wait, then you need to wait till they reach your nation.

Click the box to Enable experimental access.

Users will be able to designate an email as being sent in confidential mode, allowing the sender to revoke access to that email's content, either manually or by setting it to expire at a specific time.