Cloud computing, artificial intelligence on Microsoft agenda


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella along with Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Group, Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President, Windows and Microsoft engineers will present their broader overview of company's forays into emerging technologies. "We also have a responsibility as a tech industry to build trust in technology".

Microsoft also detailed its new Your Phone iOS app for Windows 10.

The five-year initiative will include seed grants for startups, nonprofit organizations and academic researchers, as well as deeper investments and expertise from Microsoft researchers. This will allow devices such as drones to take important actions without connecting to the cloud.

Finally, the two companies will work together to bring Microsoft's AI expertise and Azure IoT Edge to commercial drone applications. This is the first Azure Cognitive Service to support edge deployment, with more coming to Azure IoT Edge over the next several months. DJI's SDK will allow over 700 million Windows 10 connected devices to have full control and access real-time data. It's open-sourcing the Azure IoT Edge runtime, and it's also bringing Azure Cognitive Services to IoT Edge, starting with Custom Vision.

Also, will be running an embeddable live video stream.

Microsoft and DJI have already started working to improve Microsoft's FarmBeats agricultural project. The update, which only applies to apps in the Microsoft Store will increase the revenue share which is paid, further incentivizing developers to target the platform. Microsoft says that this platform "can input fully articulated hand tracking and high-fidelity spatial mapping" for new precision solutions. With this, developers can build a variety of voice-enabled scenarios like drive-thru ordering systems, in-car or in-home assistants, smart speakers, and other digital assistants. Thus, expect some new features on Cortana in order to make it more feature loaded and faster. It also supports Intel FPGA hardware and ResNet50-based neural networks. The company is expected to talk about the improvements of Azure and making it more effective and better. HP's PhoneWise app, for example, is limited to a number of the company's newer business notebooks. This new feature combines AI with indexing technologies so it's possible to quickly find information and insights, whether via text or images. Microsoft has added FPGAs to all of its Azure servers in its own datacenters, as well as implementing FPGAs in some of the machines that power Bing's indexing servers as part of its Project Catapult efforts.

Floor plans: The new mixed reality program Microsoft Layout will let HoloLens users design a floor plan with holographic furniture.