Death toll from Pakistan mining explosions climbs to 23


Shortly before midday on Saturday, a build-up of methane caused an explosion and tunnel collapse at a mine in Marwaarh, east of Quetta, the capital of the fossil fuel-rich Balochistan province bordering Iran and Afghanistan.

The Director of the Pakistan offices for the elimination of consequences of natural disasters in a Meager Hahn reported on the explosion of methane in coal deposits Mararska, which killed 16 miners. Two workers were rescued in an unconscious state, while bodies of two miners were recovered Saturday night.

Officials said Sunday the death toll from twin explosions in neighboring mines near Quetta had reached 23.

The protesters also demanded Rs2 million be given to bereaved families of the coal miners.

Gas explosions in two coal mines in Pakistan have killed more than than 20, officials confirmed.

Rescue teams are trying to find others still trapped in the rubble. Authorities said the incidents were not linked, and that rescue operations had ended at both sites.

In another collapse incident in Sooranj area seven miners were killed.

Mining in Pakistan is often done in unsafe circumstances.

Accidents are frequent in the province's mines, where safety measures are basic and numerous workforce come from other parts of Pakistan. According to the Pakistan Mining Labour Federation, between 100 and 200 miners die in accidents annually.