Bellew beats Haye again in British heavyweight grudge match


Shortly after Tony Bellew's second win over David Haye in 14 months, the Merseysider revealed he told referee Howard Foster to stop the fight in the third round, the Daily Express report.

Bellew, a cruiserweight, knocked down Haye three times when the referee brought a stop to the fight, repeating Bellew's win over the same fighter in March 2017.

Haye started the fight prudent, but in the third round, got into a cabin and twice was knocked down. Haye got right back up, but didn't look like he fully recovered.

But as it turned out Bellew had Haye's number once again, and after the opening two rounds, where Haye just about out fought his opponent, Bellew stepped up a notch and dominated the 37 year old.

He said he would meet British former world champion Fury at heavyweight but only if the bout happened soon.

However, Haye failed to confirm if it was the last outing of his pro career but his camp will assess the fight to decide his future.

Tony boxed a great fight, he really did, said Haye.

At 35, Bellew has once again proven that in this sport knockout power is the last to go.

But away from what Bellew calls the "circus", he faced family tragedy when brother-in-law Ashley died in a tragic accident in August while on holiday in Mexico.

Haye told media in the ring he will watch a replay of the fight before making decisions, but did not speak to reporters later.

Round 3: Each man gets a chance to land their respective jabs in the first minute of the round.

It is yet to be confirmed how much either fighter will make from pay-per-view buys of the fight on Saturday, however they are both guaranteed a hefty sum.

A attractive left hook from Bellew. Bellew and Haye continue to throw the jab. There was no injury excuse - just a battered ego - but he must have sensed this was not his time, even though he hinted in the ring he might carry on.

He added: "David Haye is an wonderful fighter, take nothing away from him". Bellew refused to rush in, but patiently waited to explode with his faster hands when Haye moved into desperate beserker mode.

In a statement, Haye thanked the fans for making the night possible and one he will remember, despite losing.

Bellew is eyeing a fight with Ward, claiming in a mood of quiet triumphalism that he has the style to defeat the former pound-for-pound king. Bellew is your victor once more.