NFL Gambling: Browns considering Baker Mayfield as the first pick


Here's one projection of how the Top 10 could look and their relevant odds. But all fans want nothing more than to unwrap their present and find out if they've been gifted their brand-new race vehicle - or an itchy sweater.

This year's draft in particular is nearly unparallelled with the uncertainty of what players the top teams, or any teams for that matter, are going to pick. Allen has the size and arm strength that scouts dream and thus the higher potential ceiling than Darnold but also the higher bust factor.

But it seems clear that either USC's Darnold, Oklahoma's Mayfield, UCLA's Rosen or Wyoming's Allen will be wearing green and white sometime Thursday night.

This is really where the draft starts.

After all, this is a team that has been starving for a franchise quarterback since the days of Broadway Joe. And of course there's the Baker Mayfield army, which dismiss his 6-foot frame and believe Oklahoma's swaggering Heisman Trophy victor is the next Brett Favre. His personality likely would play well in the Big Apple.

For the second consecutive year, will air a digital special during the first round.

If the Browns take Allen at No. 1, then Barkley should be available here. Picking No. 2 overall, the New York Giants could go in any one of four different directions. Stefon Diggs will cost a pretty penny to retain after this season, and former first-round pick Laquan Treadwell is already labeled with the "B" word. One of two could be picked by NY at No. 2.

With the National Football League draft quickly approaching, the team's die-hard supporters, and there have been few groups in National Football League history to suffer like this one has the past two seasons, are divided over which of the top four college QBs the team should select. Indianapolis doesn't need a quarterback with Andrew Luck around.

Biggest needs: Cornerback; safety; defensive tackle.

Victor of the 2016 Archie Griffin Award as college football's most valuable player throughout the season, Darnold threw for 4,143 yards and 26 scores while leading the Trojans to both their first-ever Pac-12 conference title and their first Cotton Bowl appearance since 1994. Based on their move up from the sixth slot, it appears they have a quarterback as a target. On the day that Mayfield was visiting the team on a pre-draft visit, Keim listed the traits he wants in whatever player comes to play for the Cardinals. He is going to take a quarterback with the No. 3 overall pick.

In their enduring failure to prioritize the game's most important position and secure a cornerstone passer, the Browns are the house without a foundation, the KFC without a fryer, the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz. The 49ers also have a huge question mark at linebacker with the off-field problems of Reuben Foster. San Francisco finished near the bottom of the league in sacks a year ago. Still, he will have to overcome inconsistent accuracy and problems playing against pressure, and land on a team with a coach and scheme that suits his superb skill set. As for another top quarterback, Rosen, "I would probably sell the tractor and some yard tools for Rosen, and that would be the difference there".