Amazon Now Delivers To Late Model GM Vehicles


What is a connected auto service plan?

For now, the service is available in 37 cities, but the company hopes to expand to more areas soon.

"To get started, customers download the Amazon Key App and then link their Amazon account with their connected auto service account", the release said.

Owners of eligible Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles with an active OnStar account will be able to have Amazon packages delivered inside their vehicle using Amazon Key. Earlier today, they unveiled their newest delivery option, in partnership with General Motors and Volvo: customers can now have their packages delivered right to the trunk of their cars. They authenticate with the carmaker's cloud services to unlock the trunk.

Setting up Amazon Key In-Car Delivery is easy. And starting today, Prime members in the Mile High City can have their favorite Whole Foods items from fresh baked goods, produce, meat, seafood and other locally sourced products delivered right to their door. Visit the Volvo On Call website to learn more. To begin with, 37 cities and the surrounding areas across the United States will have the option of Key In-Car deliveries, but it requires a connected vehicle. The online retailer announced Tuesday that in-car deliveries are now available.

How it works: You place an order on Amazon and select the in-car shipping option.

Amazon's in-home delivery service has officially expanded to include direct-to-car delivery, allowing for parked cars in publicly accessible areas to receive shipments when the recipient is not present.

For those who are anxious about security and think that it couldn't possibly be safe to have a stranger unlock their vehicle to leave a package inside the trunk, Amazon highlights that it has taken several security measures.

Here's how it works: The Amazon Key app gives customers the ability to allow Amazon couriers to unlock their cars during a specific window of time. Once setup is complete, your auto should show up in the list of available delivery options.

What happens on delivery day?

Amazon will notify you when your package is delivered.

Not satisfied with dropping off parcels inside your home, Amazon can now deliver packages to the trunk of your vehicle. The delivery driver gets access to Global Positioning System coordinates and your license plate info. Not only is the package out of sight, but just as hard to get to (for the most part). Some poor delivery person is going to have to make room for your custom Nicolas Cage pillowcases between old gym clothes and a moldy tomato that fell out of the grocery bag months ago.