Instagram developing tool that'll let users download their data


Facebook has long allowed you to download a complete copy of your data, and now Instagram is reportedly following suit.

Instagram's theft of key Snapchat features continues: The Facebook-owned photo app is reportedly readying a feature called Nametags that would essentially function like Snapchat's Snapcodes.

Photo-sharing app Instagram has launched a new feature on its platform that enables users to take professional shots.

If the tool is launched before May 25, it will help Instagram comply with upcoming European privacy laws that require data portability, technology news website TechCrunch, which first reported the news on Wednesday, said.

While its parent company faces a grilling on Capitol Hill, Instagram is rolling out some fun new features to keep users amused.

However, that shows Instagram has locked all the information uploaded to it like Facebook. Of course, there are hundreds of other tools and platforms available which lets you download the data from users' profiles.

Instagram on Tuesday introduced a new Focus camera feature for both photos and video that takes clear pictures of people in the foreground while softly blurring the background. Taking a photo or video using Focus mode still permits users of the feature to add filters, stickers or text once you've finished recording.

Instagram has never allowed exporting of user data, despite being in the market for 8 years. InstaPort is one of many third-party apps that has facilitated downloads to the risk of many users. This regulation makes it mandatory for tech companies to make user information portable.

And while there doesn't seem to be a movement to #DeleteInstagram, an increasing number of social media users everywhere are probing their rights to their personal data and their control or documentation of it.