Prime Minister Modi, BJP MPs to fast today for Parliament washout


On the concluding day of the budget session, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar had blamed the Congress for the disruptions and announced that the ruling BJP MPs will sit on day-long fasts in their respective constituencies on April 12 to protest the washout of the second half of the budget session. "Instead of scouting for photo opportunity under the pretext of fast, Modi should prepare for sanyas (retirement) and if it fails to rise above false promises, then be prepared for exile", Surjewala said. "From the streets to Parliament, roadblocks are being created in the government's work", Modi said.

Modi's remarks come at a time when the country has witnessed protests by Dalits against the alleged dilution of the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. He said that government should apologise for not disclosing the details of the deal. Eight persons were killed and dozens injured during Dalit protests on April 2 turned violent. It is the first engine to roll out of the factory.

During the time span mentioned by the Prime Minister, the pictures of 6.6 lakh toilets were uploaded on the government's Management Information System (MIS), a software that stores the pictures and geographical coordinates of a particular construction so as to avoid duplication.

The sanitation coverage in Bihar, in other words the number of households having a toilet, is at 52 per cent, way behind the national average of 80 per cent.

"It is because of the efforts of such wonderful people that we can hope to make India free of filth by 2019, when we shall be celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi", the prime minister said.

He unveiled a plaque to mark the foundation stone of Motijheel Project, the Bettiah Nagar Parishad Water Supply Scheme and four Ganga Projects beside laying foundation stone for the doubling of railway lines between Muzaffarpur and Sagauli as well as between Sagauli and Valmikinagar.

He also flagged off Champaran Humsafar Express which will run between Katihar and Old Delhi.

Modi also awarded Swachhagrahis, or cleanliness ambassadors, Rs 51,000 each for cleaning their localities and neighbourhoods. "So, the Prime Minister should publicly say he is sorry and that's why he is holding this fast to tender an apology to various sections of India's population".