Discounted Spotify And Hulu Bundle Costs $12.99 Per Month


On Wednesday, the two streaming giants expanded their existing partnership to offer consumers a rather attractive deal.

Hulu and Spotify are teaming on a new, combined subscription plan with a single price of $12.99 a month.

An additional offer as part of the Spotify deal allows anyone who now subscribes to Spotify Premium to sample Hulu for 99 cents per month for three months, providing they have not been Hulu subscribers within the previous year.

Spotify and Hulu started packaging themselves together for college students previous year, who needed to show proof of their collegiate status.

Starting today, Spotify Premium users will be given the option to trial the bundled subscription through a promotion that offers Hulu for 99 cents for a three-month period. Spotify Premium, now with Hulu will be available to everyone this summer.

Spotify Premium now costs $9.99 per month, while Hulu charges $7.99 for its Limited Commercials. About 60% of USA households stream, and 51% of them get Netflix, 33% get Amazon Prime and 14% get Hulu, according to CNBC's All American Economic Survey. It does not feature Hulu's live-TV OTT streaming service.

Hulu's senior VP Tim Connolly agrees that the services Hulu offers dovetail nicely with Spotify.

By way of comparison, a basic Netflix monthly subscription is $7.99 and an Apple Music monthly subscription is $9.99.

They'll be a revenue sharing agreement in place, as before with the student offering. The overhaul is aimed at making Spotify more accessible on mobile phones, according to reports. The TV and film streaming service created original series including The Handmaid's Tale. Then you can add Hulu's ad-supported service, which is normally $8 per month, to your Spotify membership for just $3.