WWE announcement muddles Brock Lesnar's UFC future


Universal Champion Lesnar stunned fans by defeating the overwhelming favourite Roman Reigns. A bloody Reigns attempts another comeback, but Lesnar delivered the sixth F5 of the match, which is finally enough to finish off Reigns. Despite his cold reception by "smart" fans here, Reigns remains a popular figure for WWE on a global basis and among young fans.

At the main event, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns went toe to toe for the Universal Championship.

Another exciting match of the night was UFC icon Ronda Rousey teaming up with 1996 Atlanta Olympic Gold medal victor Kurt Angle to defeat Tripple H and his wife Stephanie McMahon.

Charlotte and Asuka absolutely destroyed each other but it was an incredible match to watch.

WrestleMania 34, which starting from its 4 p.m. pre-show ended just a bit after hitting the 8-hour mark, was by nearly every metric a triumph.

Lesnar was set up to fail against a guy the WWE Universe has refused to take seriously as a worthy contender to the throne.

The Undertaker ran through his signature moves including Old School as the unprepared Cena struggled. Lesnar signed a new multi-year deal with WWE, but he has some other benefits to the new contract too.

Sasha Banks and Bayley seemed to be the final two remaining at the end of a chaotic Women's Battle Royal, and when Banks offered her hand in an embrace in the center of the ring, Bayley took advantage by slinging Banks over the top rope.

As the match began Lesnar fires with three German suplexes which is followed by the Big Dogs two Superman Punches.

UFC President Dana White confirmed last week that Lesnar would be returning to the UFC but didn't know when or his opponent would be.

Wrestling reporter Ryan Satin shared the claims on Pro Wrestling Sheet and said Lesnar was "livid" when got backstage after his match in New Orleans.

Reigns is a brooding, moody kind of hero; he doesn't go out of his way to give fans a reason to cheer for him beyond that he's big, handsome and tough.

Despite the fact that John Cena had been calling out the Undertaker for weeks, there was still some speculation surrounding whether or not he would make it to Wrestlemania.

Although WrestleMania 34 is now in the books, fans are still going to be talking about what WWE booked to happen in the main event for quite some time.