Cynthia Nixon favors legalizing marijuana


Nixon, who is now running for governor of NY, opens up about everything from "Sex And The City" to politics on "The Wendy Williams Show" in her first televised interview since announcing her run.

The actress, who played Miranda Hobbes on the hit show and its spin-off films, said the scene in the second movie did not reflect the theme of female empowerment that Sex And The City was about. President Trump's astonishing election win also partly inspired her run.

"Well, I love NY", answered Nixon, a native of the state.

When the subject on the show turned to the legalization of marijuana, Nixon said she was "absolutely" for it.

"People talk a lot to me about being a celebrity entering this race", she said. "I'm not saying we don't love the clothes".

Tough opponent: Nixon is challenging two-time incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo (pictured at an event on Monday) for the Democratic Party nomination in the September 13 primary.

However, in the clip provided to Us Weekly, Nixon added: "We love the clothes!"

"There's such an appetite for real progressive change in NY state", she said during the 13-minute chat.

"We're at a real watershed moment now", noted Nixon, who participated in New York's March for Our Lives. "I have been fighting for better and, particularly, more equal funding of NY state's public schools for the last 17 years".

Williams also brought up the recent police-involved shooting of Stephon Clark in Sacramento, California, asking Nixon, "Is this a black man thing?"

"Because I thought: 'Is this what these women in the audience think true love is?" "Black women are going to stop showing up for the Democratic Party if the Democratic Party doesn't show up for them".

"And we have to implement change", she exlained, continuing: "Black women for a long time, and never more visibly than nowadays, they are the cornerstone-they are the backbone-of the Democratic party". The candidate emphasized that, if elected, she would be adamant about investing in infrastructure, tackling gun control and legalizing marijuana.