White Louisiana policeman fired over shooting of black man


One of two officers who were involved in the shooting death of Alton Sterlinmg has been fired from the Baton Rouge Police Department.

Police Chief Murphy Paul announced the decision at a press conference.

The release of the video followed the announcement that Officer Blane Salamoni, who shot Sterling three times in the back and three times in the chest, had been fired and that his partner, Officer Howie Lake, would be suspended three days. "It's terrible to watch", attorney for Alton Sterling's children Michael Adams said.

The state report quotes Salamoni this way: "Don't f****** move, or I'll shoot you in your f****** head".

Paul also vowed to hold one-on-one meetings with each officer in the department to explain his decision to fire Salamoni and suspend Lake, as well as to reassure them that he supports law enforcement. The officers said they feared for their lives when Sterling tried to pull a loaded gun out of his pocket.

Both agencies said there was nothing to show the officers "willfully" violated Sterling's civil rights.

The sources described one of the body camera videos as "very graphic" and "disturbing".

He said he fired Mr Salamoni for violating department policies on use of force and "command of temper".

For nearly 2 years, Sterling's family members and also several various other Baton Rouge locals have actually contacted authorities to launch all the video clip footage of the capturing.

Louisiana's Attorney General will not file charges against two Baton Rouge police officers. "These actions were not minor deviations from policy as they contributed to the outcome that resulted in the death of another human being".

According to CNN, video evidence shows an officer identified as Blane Salamoni yell that the suspect had a gun prior to the sound of gunshots.

It's unclear whether other evidentiary items, including audio recordings and eyewitness statements, will be released.

Both officers, who had been on paid administrative leave since the shooting, were cleared of any federal civil rights charges and any state criminal charges in the case.

Paul, echoing the criticism of his boss, East Baton Rouge Parish Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome, said Salamoni disregarded the department's training and "organizational standards" in his approach.

Lake helped wrestle Sterling to the ground but did not fire his weapon.

Next, he orders Lake to "taze his f*cking a**" before keeping his promise to shoot Sterling in the head, after he was tasered for a second time.

In the video, Salamoni can be heard screaming at Sterling that he will shoot him as he calls him profane names with his gun drawn and pushes Sterling on top of a vehicle hood.

Police released four videos of the confrontation with Sterling outside a convenience store, where he was selling CDs.

Attorneys for Sterling's family demanded the release of the police videos past year, when the Justice Department declined to pursue federal civil rights charges against the officers.

The disciplinary action taken against Salamoni came just days after Louisiana's attorney general announced his decision that the two white police officers would not be criminally charged in Sterling's death.