GSU rough up Miguna's lawyers at JKIA while serving court orders


Kenyan authorities have detained and are trying to deport an opposition politician, who also holds Canadian nationality, in defiance of a court order letting him enter the country, his lawyer and a senior opposition member said yesterday.

In the application Miguna want the court to grant him unrestricted right to re-enter and remain in the country and further stop the state from deporting him grant. I have not taken a shower.

KOT saw the humorous side of the whole scene and has been sharing hilarious posts on the hashtag #MigunaChallenge.

They barricaded Kondele roundabout along the Kisumu-Kakamega highway demanding that the government release the fiery lawyer.

The standoff between controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna and the government at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) made it to the floor of Parliament after nominated Senator Beatrice Kwamboka demanded a comprehensive statement from Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi on why his re-entry into the country is being frustrated.

A Kenyan court last month ordered that Miguna's Kenyan passport be restored and that he be given safe passage into the country.

Miguna Miguna had been deported to Canada as part of a government crackdown on opposition politicians who participated in the mock January 30 inauguration of opposition leader Raila Odinga as a protest of President Uhuru Kenyatta's disputed re-election.

Mucheke said the flight left without Miguna after the politician caused a commotion.

"I watched a police officer kick my colleague in the back, then kick his camera, then with his other leg kick in him in the head", journalist Ibrahim Oruko said.

Miguna supported Odinga's campaign to discredit the president's re-election.

Odinga had argued that Kenyatta lacked legitimacy because his initial August 8 re-election victory was nullified by the Supreme Court over "irregularities and illegalities".

The repeat election had a low turnout as Odinga boycotted it, citing a lack of electoral reforms.

The airport confrontation came two weeks after a surprise meeting between opposition leader Odinga and Kenya's president as they announced a new initiative to heal the East African nation after months of sometimes deadly election turmoil.

Columnists from Kenya's top media group resigned en masse on Tuesday accusing it of letting the government interfere with editorial decisions, a charge the publisher denied.