Rumors of Kim Jong Un's visit to China sparked by mysterious train


Well, if these reports are any true, then it will be the first time Kim Jong-un has stepped out of North Korea since 2011.

As China, anxious about possible contamination from nuclear tests, has strengthened economic sanctions against Pyongyang, the official may also seek an easing of the sanctions and the provision of economic cooperation such as food aid and investment.

Kim broke with tradition by not traveling to Beijing to pay his respects to President Xi Jinping after coming to power, and Beijing has become increasingly frustrated with its neighbor's nuclear weapon program - showing a new willingness to agree, and enforce, tougher United Nations sanctions. When the US government developed the CVID concept in the mid-2000s, North Korea had conducted just one nuclear explosion test and its long-range ballistic missile program was still in its infancy.

North Korea has yet to publicly confirm plans for the summit, but the poll suggests its potential has eased fears of war that intensified previous year as the North made rapid strides in its nuclear and missile capabilities.

"Given the gaps in USA intelligence about North Korea, we should not wait until the very last minute", he said.

Kim Jong-un made a surprise visit to Beijing on Monday, according to a report from Bloomberg.

He wrote: "The threat is imminent".

Bolton told Fox News last Thursday, shortly after the Twitter announcement, that his past comments as a private citizen were "behind" him, and what mattered now is what Trump says. With Tillerson and McMaster gone, that advice is likely to reinforce Trump's more hawkish instincts.

The launches were met by sanctions from the US, as well as the United Nations.

"In my own experience in dealing with the North Koreans, there's never been a discussion that they will denuclearize". "That would risk striking after the North has deliverable nuclear weapons, a much more unsafe situation".

North Korea has repeatedly said it will only give up its nuclear weapons once the USA drops what it calls a "hostile" policy.

If Kim is actually in China, it's the latest sign he's willing to engage in diplomatic talks with world powers. Discussions have also begun on a possible summit with Trump in May.

"That Trump still did this sends a signal that he takes the use of force very seriously", he said.