Fortnite Battle Royale Free Items With Amazon and Twitch Prime


We also learned this week that with the explosive success of Fortnite, a majority of Epic Games' 700 staff are now dedicated to working on the game.

Ninja gave an interview to CNBC where he talked about what sort of cash you can pull in as a video game streamer, which is over $500,000 per month in his case.

There's some Fortnite Battle Royale loot being given out to Amazon Prime members, who are also signed up to Twitch Prime.

At GDC 2018, Peter Ellis, Art Director Epic Games, took to his panel to display off some Fortnite art pieces that could suggest that the battle royale shooter will be receiving some new maps in the future. Since Drake shared the stream with his 36.9 million Twitter followers, Ninja gained 635,000 concurrent viewers smashing Twitch's record easily and also boosting his subscriber count to over 180,000. While the game is only available via an invite code right now, the game has racked up an incredible amount of popularity despite the artificially limited player count.

Sweeney did confirm, however, that he has no intentions of having Epic Games become a one-game studio, telling Glixel that the company has been around for 27 years and will "definitely" have different games they'll be working on.

It's nearly time for another Fortnite new shotgun controversy, as the heavy shotgun is making its way into Battle Royale with today's 3.3.1 update. The game is still in early access, but Fortnite devs have been doing a fantastic job frequently patching the product and making buffs and nerfs as needed.

These "battle royale mobile games" are one big battleground where around 100 players fight to the death. The last person standing is declared the victor of the match. An add-on to a popular PC game. These extremely exciting last person standing games are a blast, and you can still play them if all you have is an Android device.

Kansas appears to be the US State "proportionately the most likely to search for Fortnite, followed by those from South Dakota, Rhode Island, Connecticut and California".