Second high bond set in Stoneman Douglas-related case


In response to Selter's arrest, the arrest of another student accused of bringing a knife to school and the hospitalization of a third student accused of making online threats, Gov. Rick Scott sent a letter to Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, calling for an armed law enforcement officer at every entry point of Stoneman Douglas.

Trespassing is a misdemeanor that usually involves a $25 bond.

If a judge approves the request, Zachary Cruz would be hospitalized for a mental health evaluation and barred from acquiring firearms.

Nikolas Cruz, a troubled 19-year-old former Stoneman Douglas student, was arrested after opening fire on his former classmates on Valentine's Day with an AR-15-style semi-automatic rifle. And when the boy leaned in close to Salter's face, she pulled out the knife, the Broward Sheriff's Office said. Deschamps said she was anxious about Cruz having a gun.

"He is being held for who he is related to, not for anything he did", Kimok said. Schachter "brings the tragic experience of being a father who lost his son in that day's bad events and who is driven to ensure it never happens to another family ever again", Corcoran, R-Land O' Lakes, said in a prepared statement.

"He has been heard and observed discussing how popular his brother is now", she added. But so anxious is the Broward Sheriff's Office that it moved Tuesday to have Zachary Cruz involuntarily committed, and petitioned a judge to strip him of his right to own or possess a gun under a new state law passed as a result of Nikolas Cruz's February 14 rampage.

Broward schools Superintendent Robert Runcie told the Sun-Sentinel that the district might extend the extra security, which is on duty during the day until 6 light of Zachary Cruz's arrest. In October 2016, she saw a number of guns in Nikolas Cruz's room she described as military-style, and became concerned about him and the weapons.

Like Scott, House Speaker Richard Corcoran also appointed a parent who lost a son in the shooting.

"I explained to Nikolas that I was concerned about my young child and I could not have him be around loaded guns or any weapons where bullets could be placed in guns", she said in her first public comments since the shooting.

Attorney Steve Hemmert says in a Facebook post shared 87,000 times that he has "eliminated the hypocrisy of these guns" from his house and can now "feel comfortable" calling on the government to ban them.

Nikolas Cruz lived with her for less than a month.

An officer with the sheriff's behavioral science unit interviewed Zachary Cruz, and a detective later determined the tip was "only rumor at this time" and no further action was taken, the report said. Prosecutors have said they will seek the death penalty against the 19-year-old.