#DeleteFacebook movement grows following 'data leak' of 50 million users


The letter comes days after it was reported by The New York Times and The Guardian that the private information of more than 50 million users was accessed by a firm which worked on U.S. President Donald Trump's election campaign.

Facebook is under investigation by a USA privacy watchdog over the use of personal data of 50 million users by a data analytics firm to help elect President Donald Trump.

United Kingdom regulators are seeking a warrant to search the offices of the political consultancy research firm Cambridge Analytica which is at the centre of a trans-Atlantic probe into a massive Facebook data breach. When Facebook users took the test they gave Kogan access to their data, including demographic information about them like their names, locations, ages and genders, as well as their page "likes", and some of their Facebook friends' data.

Neither Twitter nor Instagram are accused of using personal data in a similar way to the dispute concerning Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, although one person suggested an extreme approach to data security as the solution.

Facebook stock also sunk 6.7 percent on Monday, the first day of trading after reports of Cambridge Analytica's use of user data.

In a previous Channel 4 News expose, the undercover reporter filmed Cambridge Analytica executives talking about how the firm could use prostitutes and former spies to ensnare politicians and influence elections.

Spokesmen for Facebook and the FTC didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.

The London headquarters of Cambridge Analytica.

CA was suspended from Facebook last week after it emerged that data on millions of users had not been destroyed as agreed.

The consultancy is now facing a search of its London office and questions from USA state authorities after a whistleblower revealed it had harvested the private information of millions of people to support Trump's presidential bid.

According to Parakilas, "It was well understood in the company that that presented a risk". It was created to allow you to sign in to third-party apps using your Facebook account, without sharing any of your data with the apps themselves.

"We expect Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and all the organisations involved to co-operate fully". A 2016 Bloomberg feature from behind the scenes in San Antonio says Cambridge Analytica provided optimal locations for Trump rallies based on the locations of persuadable voters.

Facebook had hired Stoz Friedberg, a digital forensic firm, to conduct the audit.

Despite concern about Cambridge Analytica's use of the data expressed by several Democrats and Republicans, GOP-controlled congressional committees haven't demanded hearings with Facebook executives.

Lawmakers, including Warner and Klobuchar, have called for tighter regulations of online political ads and greater disclosure requirements, which Facebook and other tech companies have resisted.

All this time, Facebook tried to downplay the depth of the leak, however, on Friday, the company admitted to it and promised to take action.