Rumor: Buffalo Bills aren't ready to pull trigger on draft trade


Or they won't trade to the Jets on this out of geographical principle. Although the devoted Jets fans that read this site are probably already aware of the details, let's briefly review the trade.

Albert Breer of The MMQB reported on the Jets' decision to trade a first round pick and three second round picks to move up three spots in the draft just to secure a potential franchise quarterback. Basically, the Jets gave up a second-round pick for each spot they moved up in the draft. Add this to the historical problems the Jets have had with picking in the second round, and it suddenly doesn't seem like the team is losing all that much.

The Cleveland Browns were contacted about a trade regarding the No. 1 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft by both the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills. NY dealt its first-rounder - No. 6 overall - along with two second-rounders and next year's second-rounder for Indianapolis' top pick this year. The New York Jets pulled off the first one 40 days before Roger Goodell calls the first draft pick to the podium. Even though Zeke is a top-five running back, the hole at corner looms larger than Elliott's impact on this offense relative to a second- or third-round pick.

And who knows if the Giants, who pick 2, will draft a quarterback? But the question remains, is this a good trade? They're obviously now looking to go quarterback with that third pick.

On the bright side, it is impossible to win consistently in the National Football League without a franchise quarterback.

This doesn't mean the Broncos will move up, but they are among the teams most seriously considering it.

The last time NY took a quarterback with a high first-round pick was 2009, when it drafted Mark Sanchez. But if at least three of the top four quarterbacks on the board are selected in the top four picks, the Broncos will also be left with at least three of the best players overall: Chubb, Barkley or Quenton Nelson.

Should quarterback account for the first three picks in the draft, then Cleveland should be thrilled, though the trade I think makes it even more likely that the Browns have to take a quarterback with their first pick, because if they don't, they risk potentially being down to their third option, and you don't want that at the most important position.

After missing out on Kirk Cousins, Maccagnan added former Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater on a one-year deal, and resigned Josh McCown. I'm highly skeptical of that claim. That's a bonanza of a draft - the best quarterback and the best player at any other position. There's a solid chance the Browns and Giants will go with a QB in the top three picks, and if the Bills want their choice, they will have to offer enormous value.

The Jets might not have the same top three quarterbacks as me. If nothing else, this franchise has shown a willingness to take dramatic steps to build a contender. After back-to-back conference title game appearances with Sanchez at the helm, the Jets have managed just one winning season since 2010.