Doctors accused of using man's foot as pillow after amputating his leg


The Uttar Pradesh government is investigating the hospital and says action will be taken against those found responsible.

National Human Rights Commission on Monday issued a notice to state government over the Jhansi episode in which severed leg of a youth was used as a pillow at Maharani Laxmi Bai Medical College. Administrators at the hospital also vowed "strict action" amid accusations of medical negligence.

After the initial investigations, the college suspended a senior resident orthopaedic doctor, an EMO nurse in-charge and one other person over the incident.

Ghanshyam's mother and brother-in-law brought him to hospital after the bus he was in overturned while the driver tried trying to avoid hitting a tractor on Saturday.

His relatives told the local NDTV news network that hospital staff ignored their requests that Ghanshyam, who goes by one name, be given a pillow.

"When we reached the hospital, we saw his foot being used as a headrest", Janaki Prasad said.

"Also, Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has been asked to submit a report, as to whether any instructions or guidelines on the subject have been issued to the doctors and hospitals, along with status of mechanism to monitor their implementation, across the country", the NHRC said in a statement.

The amputated foot was allegedly used as a headrest because there was no pillow available, the latest in a series of controversies to have hit the BJP-ruled state.

Medical negligence is not uncommon either.

The commission said that the incident, if true, was an "unethical and negligent act" on the part of the medical staff, and not only violated medical norms but also the dignity of a patient who was already undergoing trauma. In another incident reported last month, a quack was arrested for using a common needle on a syringe and infecting 46 people with HIV.