Trump's military parade set for Veterans' Day


The event should include a "heavy air component", the memo continued, but tanks won't be permitted due to their potential to wreck city streets.

"Consideration must be given to minimize damage to local infrastructure", the memo reads.

Trump had directed the Pentagon to plan a parade for later this year, possibly on Veterans Day, to showcase the USA military's strength.

In a Pentagon memo released to CNN on Friday, the Department of Defense is now moving forward with a plan of a parade.

Earlier it was reported that Donald Trump had asked for a "military parade" and the Pentagon was reviewing potential dates. Older aircraft will be included as available. "We'll send them up to the White House for a decision", about the cost of the parade and the resources that would be diverted to make it happen.

The Pentagon memo was issued on Thursday and sent to Gen. Joseph Dunford Jr., chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, outlining the initial guidance of how Trump's desired parade, scheduled for November 11, will look, according to CNN.

CNN reports the Joint Staff will plan the parade and Northern Command will execute it.

Female veterans will be highlighted, and marchers representing previous wars will wear period uniforms, including historical dress from the Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps.

The parade will cost taxpayers up to $30 million, the White House budget chief has said.

One major element that will be missing from the festivities: tanks. "But the generals would love to do it, I can tell you, and so would I", Trump told Fox News in February.

But it won't resemble the Bastille Day celebration in France that Trump had leaned on for inspiration.

He had visited French President Emmanuel Macron and concluded "to a large extent, because of what I witnessed, we may do something like that on July 4th in Washington, down Pennsylvania Avenue".

The organizers call for the parade to display the changing role of women in the military, "from separate formations in World War II to today's integrated formations".