'Black Panther' tops box office with $65 million


"Black Panther" has now grossed $500 million domestically after three weeks of release. The current worldwide tally for the film is $897.7 million. It pulled off its massive third round on a non-holiday weekend in the dead of winter, a feat it should continue to do for many weeks to come.

Finally, this year's group of Oscar nominees took this weekend to score some last-minute box office scratch in anticipation of tonight's ceremony. For Lawrence, this is a continuation of her recent commercial slump, as she hasn't been much of a draw in recent years. The box office run and fan love for this film have exceeded all industry expectations and a domestic final in the $630-640M range is possible putting it at number five all-time. It wasn't that well reviewed, so I don't see a lot of staying power here for Red Sparrow, and its reported $69 million budget (part of which was JLaw's reported $15-20 million paycheck) is going to be tough to make back. Jennifer Lawrence's spy thriller Red Sparrow launched with US$17 million at 3,056 sites for Fox and Bruce Willis' Death Wish debuted with US$13 million at 2,847 venues for MGM.

Disney-Marvel's "Black Panther" has grossed an impressive $56.2 million in its third weekend in about 86% of worldwide markets, lifting the superhero tentpole to $396.6 million overseas. Of the nine movies nominated for best picture at the 90th Academy Awards, which ABC will broadcast on Sunday night, seven were released during the last four months, Hollywood's traditional awards corridor.

Game Night dropped two spots to fourth place with $10.7 million. Being too high concept led to poor word-of-mouth and that just really hurt the earnings potential here. Top markets continue to be the U.K.at $49.1M and South Korea at $41.4M. Jumanji has now grossed US$393.2 million in 75 days.

"Death Wish" follows in the trend of macho action films like "American Assassin" and "Den of Thieves", which are made relatively cheap for $25-40 million and are able to produce a solid return for their studios.

China will see the final worldwide opening next weekend.

Teen drama Every Day clings to tenth place, down 48% from last weekend to $1.5 million.