Emma Watson Reacts to Typo on Her Fake Tattoo at Oscars Party


Emma Watson's Time's Up tattoo had its fair share of admirers at the Oscars last night, but it also drew attention for one unfortunate grammatical error - the apostrophe had been missed out.

Celebrities attend BAFTA Los Angeles Tea Party 2018 at The Four Season Los Angeles at Beverly Hills.

The actress is a strong advocate for the Time's Up movement.

In lovely swirled writing, the body art read "Time's Up". or rather, it should have done.

Emma, who shot to fame playing boffin Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, is missing an apostrophe in "Times", as it should read "Time's Up".

A number of Hollywood stars, including Watson, have voiced their support and donated to the movement.

The Time's Up initiative was discussed on the Red Carpet and during the show when faces of the #MeToo movement.

Critics mentioned that she studied at Brown University, an Ivy League school, and graduated with a bachelor's degree in English literature.

It's not known whether the inking was permanent or temporary.

Emma hasn't commented on the tattoo or its misspelling, but what's certain is that the response on Twitter to it has been hot, condescending garbage-and beside the point, so it's not even worth including.

"I once thought she had a brain but is clearly just another Holywood clone".

Emma Watson's status as one of Hollywood's most passionate feminists is hardly a secret. Together, the women wore black as a symbol of their unity with each other and women around the world.

Speaking about the cause, Emma said: "Time's Up is time's up to sexual harassment, abuse and the lack of representation and equality".