DACA was supposed to end Monday. It didn't, but DREAMERs remain anxious


Then, the Supreme Court removed any sense of immediacy on the issue as it ruled on February 26 that DACA had to be reinstated while lower courts took up challenges to Trump's rollback. Trump himself relentlessly thrust himself into the thorny debate, tweeting about Democrats "blowing the one great opportunity they have" to forge a deal.

DACA recipients and allies dressed up with white wigs, canes, and walkers, staged a sit-in blocking the entrance to the DNC Headquarters to dramatize the 17-year-long wait for Congress to pass the DREAM Act.

The Supreme Court ruling hints that the issue won't be resolved any time soon, leaving Dreamers in continued legal limbo.

Trump a year ago announced that he would end the DACA program, but provided Congress with six months to put together a legislative fix. Gave them 6 months, they just don't care.

The U.S. Supreme Court last week refused to consider the Trump administration's unusual request to overrule a judge who kept alive a program that shields young immigrants from deportation. And while many activist friends and families will march on Washington today in solidarity with Dreamers, in demand of a Clean Dream Act, we are all still asking ourselves the same questions: have we done enough to make our voices relevant and is the United States government finally ready to give us a chance?

"When we have a deadline. we get really serious about it", number two Senate Democrat Dick Durbin told National Public Radio. March 5 was the deadline for Congress to come up with a legislative solution.

Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus wrote Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen seeking her assurance that agents will not target DACA recipients whose status has lapsed.

"Given this posture, it is critical that DHS ensure that DACA recipients are not deported from the only country they have known".

In January, the president proposed a path to citizenship for 1.8 million young immigrants as part of an immigration package that included $25 billion for a wall and other border enforcement measures and sharp cuts to legal immigration. The Senate considers several judicial nominees this week, negotiations over federal spending are ongoing, and lawmakers are mulling whether to reform gun laws following a deadly school shooting in Florida.