Alec Baldwin says impersonating Trump is like 'agony'


While Trump has been clearly irked by SNL's recent portrayal of both him and his staff (most notably former Press Secretary Sean Spicer), the president has been on the show as recently as November 7, 2015, when he hosted.

Donald Trump has tweeted his displeasure over Alec Baldwin's comment that impersonating the USA president is "agony", and suggested that Saturday Night Live (SNL) should replace the actor.

"Every time I do it now, it's like agony", he says.

He also criticized the show and one of its writers, Katie Rich, after Ms.

Both, Hammond and Baldwin, are yet to respond to the Tweet. Rich was suspended from "S.N.L." after the incident.

Trump calls Alec Baldwin's SNL impression 'terrible' in latest tweet attack

President Donald Trump-or as he might spell it, Predisent Domald Trunp-added to his list of infamous misspellings on Twitter on Friday morning.

A press representative for NBC declined to comment on Friday morning. Alec, it was agony for those who were forced to watch.

The latest skirmish in the feud - which dates back to 2016, when Trump called SNL "unwatchable" and said of Baldwin's impersonation "just can't get any worse" - comes after Trump heard or read Baldwin say the role is "agony" to play.

Later, the leader-of-the-free-world and former reality TV star deleted the tweet, leading to back-and-forth of Twitter barbs. Tweet #3: "And Mr. President...please ask your wife to stop calling me for SNL tickets. It doesn't matter. We have to get rid of him". When asked how long he'd be willing to continue impersonating Trump, the 59-year-old suggested his own political opinions have drawn him away from the early appeal of the gig.

"You know. The Good Stuff", Baldwin tweeted.