Saudi-Led Coalition Demands Including Houthi Figures in UN Sanctions List


After the veto, the council unanimously adopted a measure that extended for one year the sanctions regime against Yemen, but that text made no mention of Iran.

Despite "overwhelming evidence" presented in recent weeks by a United Nations panel of experts demonstrating that Iran has not prevented the transfer of arms to the Houthi rebels in Yemen, Russia's veto "protected the terrorist-sponsoring regime in Iran", Nikki Haley, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations said in a statement Monday.

It determined that Iran did not comply with a 2015 United Nations arms embargo on Yemen as it did not take action in preventing the direct or indirect flow of missiles to the Houthis.

The condemnation came after Russian Federation vetoed a resolution renewing sanctions on Yemen and citing "particular concern" about a report's findings on Iran.

The Saudi-led coalition intervened in the Yemen war in 2015 to flush out the Iran-backed Houthi rebels, who have repeatedly fired ballistic missiles into the kingdom.

"We condemn Iran's non-compliance, as described by the panel, which poses serious risks to peace and stability in the region", said the joint statement released by the USA mission.

"It is crucial that Iran does not carry out any action that is inconsistent with or would violate Security Council resolutions, and thereby risk destabilizing the security of the region and increasing the threat of broader conflict", the statement read.

Unless more is done by US allies to deter Iran, Trump has said he will stop waiving USA sanctions against Iran as required under the nuclear deal in exchange for curbs on Iran's nuclear activities. It received 11 votes in favor, two against - Russian Federation and Bolivia - while China and Kazakhstan abstained.

China and Kazakhstan abstained, and Bolivia voted against it. "If Russia is going to use its veto to block action against Iran's unsafe and destabilizing conduct, then the United States and our partners will need to take actions against Iran that the Russians can not block".

"Desperate attempt UNSC by US&UK to cover up complicity in 3 years of Saudi & Emirati war crimes in Yemen failed".