Iraqi court gives death penalty to Turkish women


A court in Iraq has sentenced 16 Turkish women to death by hanging after they were found guilty of belonging to the Islamic State terror group.

A Turkish woman was sentenced to death last week by the court and 10 others of various nationalities to life in prison, all for alleged Islamic State membership.

Iraqi forces take position on a road as they advance towards Al-Ayadieh village, the last remaining active front line near Tal Afar, during an operation to retake the city from the Islamic State (IS) group on August 29, 2017.

All the verdicts are subject to appeal, he told Reuters.

One woman said she had taken part in battles against Iraqi coalition forces as they advanced on Isis' Iraqi stronghold of Mosul a year ago.

On Thursday, the Iraqi authorities handed over four women and 27 children from IS families to Russian Federation, after being cleared of charges of involvement in terrorist operations against civilians or security forces, Iraqi Foreign Ministry said.

Iraq has sentenced 16 Turkish women to death for involvement with ISIS.

Some of the women, between the ages of 20 and 50, were accompanied by young children.

In December, the Iraqi authorities declared a full victory over the group, which captured almost one-third of the country's territory in 2014.

Human rights organizations and observers contend that the legal process in Iraq is not fair. Many of them were women who came, or were brought, from other countries to join the war.

Defense lawyers also argued militant husbands either tricked or forced their wives into traveling to Iraq and Syria.

In January, the Iraqi court sentenced to death a German female citizen of Moroccan origin for ties with Daesh.

"Iraq's security forces are marginalizing thousands of families of ISIS suspects by depriving them of the basic documents they need to rebuild their lives", said HRW's deputy Middle East director Lama Fakih.