Marvel's Black Panther is a boon for Nigeria's homegrown comic superheroes


Marvel Studios concept artist Andy Park has revealed a glorious look at an earlier version of Black Panther's King T'Chaka, but this time he's adorned with the cape we've seen the Wakandan superhero wear in the comics over the years.

"All hail the King of Wakanda!" declared the Walt Disney Co. while reporting Sunday's estimates.

Also, "Black Panther" is now one of just four films to make $100 million in its second weekend, alongside "Star Wars Episode VII", "Jurassic World" and "The Avengers". Last week I had the pleasure of going to the theater and then also to a movie theater to see two awesome and historical productions. It also snagged the honor of the second-highest-grossing film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a Tuesday, according to Variety.

8th grader Steven Jones walked out of the movie enthralled by the ability to identify with the lead role in a superhero movie.

Black Panther just broke another Marvel record.

The film now holds a near flawless 97% score on review site Rotten Tomatoes, which makes it one of the best-reviewed superhero films ever.

The movie has been the highest selling film Eclipse Theater has ever shown.

Critic David Edelstein says the new movie, featuring a black superhero and "crazy-tough women", is a nice departure from the Marvel blueprint.

More than likely the big number means that fans like Black Panther so much that they are going to see it a few times.

Almost 90 percent of moviegoers said they would definitely recommend "Black Panther", according to surveys conducted by comScore and Screen Engine.

Co-written and directed by Ryan Coogler as well as musical contributions from Kendrick Lamar make for an experience less likely to be a room of old white men telling a strong African American story, Betancourt said.

"Black Panther" is debuting in the key Russian market this weekend and will premiere next week in Japan, another critical location.