Donald Trump Sides with General Kelly in Security Squabble with Jared Kushner


U.S. President Donald Trump holds a meeting on trade with members of Congress at the White House in Washington Thomson Reuters WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump said on Friday that White House chief of staff John Kelly will decide whether Trump son-in-law and top adviser Jared Kushner gets a security clearance. "General Kelly respects Jared a lot".

"I will let General Kelly make that decision and he's going to do what's right for the country and I have no doubt he'll make the right decision", Trump said.

Kelly's change only applies to clearances for access to the apex of the classification pyramid - top secret and sensitive compartmented information - not to lower-level clearances required to handle secret or confidential information.

Like Kushner, Porter operated under an interim clearance for more than a year.

Options included giving Mr. Kushner a lesser clearance that would allow him to keep doing his job. With that designation, he has been able to attend classified briefings, get access to the president's daily intelligence report and issue requests for information to the intelligence community.

The writer said Mr Trump's reaction to the gun debate in the wake of the Florida school shooting was a prime example of him not being fit for office.

The White House maintains that Kushner's work will be unaffected by the change, but won't explain why.

That isn't sitting well with chief of staff John Kelly, who warned he would crack down today.

A senior administration official with knowledge of Kelly's thinking said that the chief of staff has been frustrated with Kushner's high level of access without a final clearance and that he was aware the new policies could jeopardize Kushner's ability to carry out his duties in the West Wing.

One, Kelly has indeed been a restraining influence on Trump, even if that is hard to believe.

But on Friday, CNN revealed that Kushner hasn't obtained a full security clearance partly because of special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation investigation, and that Kushner likely won't receive full clearance while the probe is underway.

"People without a problem in the world" are facing unreasonable delays to receive clearances, he said.

Kelly said last week that officials who applied for security clearances before July, but still have not been granted permanent access, would have their temporary clearances taken away. "I won't make that call".

"It seems to me that he should have restricted access to highly classified material until the resolution of those issues", Bauer said.

The issues with Kushner's security clearance process has left some senators concerned, including Sen.

He filed three amendments last year to the questionnaire, after failing to fully disclose contacts reaching back several years.