Exhausted of texting? Google tests robot to chat with friends for you


The Smart Reply feature, first brought to Gmail's email client back in 2015, was a figurative lifesaver and allowed users to hand over the emailing reigns to Google's contextual AI. Though it's fairly limited, as is the Smart Reply integration on Project Fi. The project, simply called "Reply", will allow users who sign up - now available to Android users only - the ability to use "smart replies" in their favorite mainstream chat applications like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Twitter's Direct Message feature, Whatsapp, and Hangouts. To work its magic, Reply will require access to previous chat history, and that's a lot of information to give away if you're a regular user of instant messaging apps. But to be clear, Reply does not offer a standalone app of its own - it's just a way for people to respond to incoming messages.

Beyond the aforementioned, Reply will include a myriad of automated features. The experimental project not only provides simple Smart Replies, it also recommends a specific ETA when users are asked what time they'll arrive to their destination.

The feature would take into account the message you receive and scopes out keywords to predictively suggest a quick answer to the email. Smart replies are now used in Gmail and other Google communication options, allowing business professionals to quickly respond to simple messages. A Do Not Disturb option will automatically be activated when you are driving for instance, in addition to silencing your phone.

Now it appears as though Google wants to bring its Smart Reply feature to other messaging apps as well.

There's also "Don't miss the important stuff" to ensure the user does get important messages even when the phone is on silent.

For the uninitiated, Smart Reply is Google's clever artificial intelligence-based feature that generates a set of clickable replies based on the context of the message. Reply is still very much so in its early development days, and it's entirely possible that Google will scrap the project at any given moment.

"One of the many projects that we're working on within Area 120 is Reply, which suggests smart replies right in notifications from various chat apps", a Google spokesperson told TechCrunch.