Girl Scout Sells 300 Boxes of Cookies Outside Cali Weed Dispensary


Initially the Girl Scouts of America told the news program it didn't have a problem with the location, as scouts were permitted to sell cookies from carts as long as they had a parent or guardian present. That's 50 an hour - or roughly one box sold every minute.

She strolled over to marijuana dispensary Urbn Leaf, according to local news station Fox 11, and sold over 300 boxes in six hours.

Girl Scout cookies are an annual sweet treat.

The picture shows the scout holding an array of cookies, wearing a baseball cap and cookies as "glasses" along with the green Girl Scouts vest complete with some buttons indicating achievements in the scouts.

That's not allowed, San Diego Girl Scout council spokeswoman Mary Doyle told The Associated Press.

This isn't the first time that a Girl Scout has been inspired by the obvious synergy of baked goods and stoners.

Let's hope both these girls receive the "marketing" merit badges they're clearly due. What could get the scout in trouble is selling in a commercial area.

Urbn Leaf founder, Will Senn, said the girl was with her parents and was just passing by with her wagon. "Cannabis is now legal in California and a direct result of that is the munchies a lot of times", Senn quipped to AP.

The girl would receive a warning when identified but could lose any awards she earned if the rule was broken again, Doyle said. "Anytime we can help out by driving more people to support local fundraising like a Girl Scout selling cookies, we'll do that". Should we became aware that a girl has repeated an infraction, there could be consequences, determined on a case-by-case basis.

Since the use of recreational marijuana became legal in California on January 1, Senn said it is rapidly becoming accepted.