In poll-bound Meghalaya, Congress attempts to project BJP as outsider


The newly appointed Congress President was spotted at the event "Festival of Peace", wearing a jacket which allegedly cost nearly Rs 70,000.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi appeared upbeat as he launched the party's campaign in poll- bound Meghalaya today, saying that he encountered huge crowds and felt the excitement among the people there.

A major part of the Congress' strategy is to project the BJP as a party which would try to impose its own cultural ethos and ideas on language and nationalism on the state. Instead of singing away our woes, you could have given a report card of your inefficient govt in Meghalaya! "Your indifference mocks us!"

Speaking at the event, the Congress president urged the youths to love and respect each other to make the country strong.

Wearing a winter jacket and blue denims, Rahul seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the concert. BJP used Gandhi's "suit-boot ki sarkar" remark made earlier against the prime minister to target the Congress president. He said in Shillong, "You will not see him (the PM) hug a poor person, talk to a poor person or even engage with a poor person".

Interacting with the hosts during the "Celebration of Peace" concert organised at the 5th Polo Ground here on Tuesday evening, Rahul said his message for the youth of Shillong and for young people of the country as whole is that India's strength lies is its diverse cultures, different languages, and variegated ways of thinking. "You will see him with others.There is a particular distance he maintains from the poor people, which he does not with Mr Obama or others". Congress MP Renuka Chaudhary came to her boss's defence and alleged that BJP was leading a "suit-boot ki sarkar" at the Centre, and had no moral authority to question Rahul.

Rahul Gandhi is on his visit to Meghalaya.