President Macron Calls For 10-Year Plan To Strengthen EU


US President Donald Trump will host his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron for his first state dinner in April, the White House said today.

"France has been very much affected by structural change and its relationship with globalization". One senior diplomatic source with knowledge of the discussions about the visit said Trump sees Macron as a fellow disruptor who isn't afraid to break the mold and speak out bluntly and the two have established a good working relationship, despite Macron's strong criticism of Trump's announcement in June a year ago that the U.S. meant to leave the Paris Climate Agreement.

CEOs or top executives from Coca-Cola, Google, JP Morgan and Alibaba are among those expected.

"We've also decided to make France a model in the fight against climate change", said President Macron at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

France's president has pushed forward the country's plan to shut down all of its coal-fired power plants by two years.

Emmanuel Macron also called on the WEF participants to harness the negative effects of globalization.

In terms of trade, Macron said: "We are moving towards greater protectionism".

Now, however, with his reform agenda under way, "France is back - back at the core of Europe". He also called for the International Monetary Fund to be given a mandate to manage emerging and unregulated financial instruments such as cryptocurrencies.

He went on to say: "If we want to avoid fragmentation of the world, we need a stronger Europe".

Macron said in the current climate the "dynamic" was one of cutting tax rates and paring back social spending which threatened creating a "race to the bottom".

The World Economic Forum's 48th Annual Meeting is taking place on January 23-26 in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland.

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