Erdogan: Turkey 'not occupying' Syria's Afrin


Syria's theater of war continued to grow complex on Thursday, as Kurdish authorities in Afrin released a statement calling for Syrian military support to defend them from an ongoing Turkish assault.

During Friday's call, the officials cited Turkey's "legitimate security concerns" and agreed to coordinate closely in order to prevent misunderstandings, the presidency said in a statement.

In fact, the official continued, "if there's a proximate cause outside of Turkey for the launch of that operation, it is Russian Federation", citing a statement from Erdogan that he had an "agreement" with Russian Federation related to the move on the Kurds in Afrin.

Ankara has rejected Washington's account of what U.S. President Donald Trump said to his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, denying there was any call by Trump to de-escalate the military operation against the Syrian Kurdish militia the YPG in Syria's Afrin enclave.

The YPG makes up the majority of fighters in the SDF and is linked to the designated terror organisation the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). Turkey is no longer the frontline country for others; it is now a hub country in its own right. Today's Turkey, which is surrounded by myriad regional challenges, prefers not to jump on the USA bandwagon.As Turkey launched its military operation, it also engaged in shuttle diplomacy to explain to the worldwide community that the offensive is being carried out within the boundaries of global law.

"There was a loss of trust with the United States during this period". The Kurdish-led forces have said Turkey was exaggerating the number it had killed.

For now, their ambitions to topple the Syrian leader have been put on hold whilst they join forces with their Turkish backers in their joint aim to crush Kurdish territorial ambitions.

As the clashes intensified, United States officials issued a strong warning to Turkey, calling for the country to show "restraint" in its strong-arm offensive.

But Jamie Janson, the grandson of the Countess of Sutherland, claims that he is just that as he prepares to fight the Turkish army in Syria.

Pentagon officials speaking to reporters Thursday made clear they believed the Islamic State had nothing to fear from Turkey's operation.

"OK", said Erdogan, citing what he said he told Trump in the conversation. Turkey is among the participants along with Iran (of whom Assad's Syria is effectively a client state).

The onslaught has stirred diplomatic tensions between North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies Turkey and the United States.

Erdogan took a shot at USA foreign policy, appearing to call the country hypocritical for telling Turkey to keep its operation short. Less than 72 hours after Tillerson's speech, Turkish planes were shelling Kurds in Afrin.