Snapchat's videos can now be shared outside the app


Instagram users are in fact, happy with the new feature just like they were when it was introduced on Snapchat, this would mean that we should very well get to see this feature implemented in the app in the future updates.

Snapchat users can create links to Stories by holding down on the "tile" on the Discover page.


Snap announced that Snapchat users will soon be able to share their posts on other social media.

The news also comes as Snapchat is in the midst of a considerable app redesign that puts user-generated content in a separate news feed from that of publishers.

Even more annoying is the fact that the new design forces users to tap a preview of the next person's Story before it is shown.

Snapchat may provide the ideal medium for maintaining relationships with close friends, without the pressure to present oneself in extraordinary form, say scientists who delved into why people use the addictive social platform which allows short, quick posts.

For now, three different types of stories - Official Stories, Our Stories, and Search Stories - are currently available to share outside the platform.

Earlier this month, Snap said it would partner with Fox Sports to showcase stories with matchday highlights on the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament to be hosted in Russian Federation later this year. Snap says that, similar to the situation on mobile, Our Stories will be available on the web for up to 24 hours before disappearing.

"Our Stories make you feel like you're at an event, festival or celebration anywhere in the world and are hand-curated or automatically created by Team Snapchat". You can also copy the link. You can find Our Stories by swiping left to the Discover screen and tapping on the Our Story you'd like to watch, or by using search. Users will be able to view the clip for up to 30 days.

A Snapchat web player has launched to support the new feature. Stories that appear in Search typically appear in the order of what's relevant to you, trending, or happening nearby.