IPhone Battery Explodes in Man's Face After he Bites it


A man was reportedly shopping for a replacement battery for his iPhone when he decides to take a closer look at it. Several news reports have speculated that he may have been trying to verify the battery's authenticity. And when they do, there's always a theoretical chance that the battery will explode. An authenticity check? He's in an electronics store, that alone ought to have been assured that he's not about to pay up for a bootleg iPhone battery. Even before he could realise what happened, it burst into flames! The dubious customer, who appeared to be with his wife or girlfriend, therefore insisted on checking the status of the battery - and decided that biting it would prove whether it was real or fake. The freakish incident actually took place in a Chinese electronics store this past Friday, Jan. 19.

Fortunately, no one was injured in this incident, reported several Taiwanese news outlets. Common sense's warning: biting anything electronic or with, you know, battery acid in it, may be hazardous to your health. The video shows the man bringing an iPhone battery up to his face, biting it, and as he removes the battery from his mouth, it explodes between him and another person.

Note - we strongly advise not to test any type of battery in this manner.

As a show of good faith, Apple is offering cheap battery replacements to all users with compatible handsets, but is now experiencing stock shortages. Also, he is not purchasing the battery from the official Apple Store.

iPhone has been offering to replace the older batteries with new ones at just $29 instead of the usual $79. But like we said, people are eating Tide Pods so need reminding.