South African Jiveshan Pillay dismissed obstructing the field against West Indies


West Indies have sparked the "letter of the law versus spirit of the law" debate after successfully appealing for obstructing the field against South Africa's Jiveshan Pillay during their U-19 World Cup fixture at Mount Maunganui.

Soon after, the match took a turn when Pillay (47) was dismissed for obstructing the field after picking up the ball and passing it to the keeper when it had stopped beside the stumps off an inside edge. The third umpire adjudged Pillay out for obstructing the field.

Before March 2017, this appeal would have been for "handled the ball", but after a meeting a Laws of the Game meeting at the MCC which also introduced regulations to limit the size of bats, "handled the ball" was integrated into the "obstructing the field law".

Once again West Indies Under-19 team faces the wrath from cricket fraternity for going against spirit of the game.

South Africa had started cautiously and had progressed to 77 for 2 by the 18th over when the game came alive courtesy a controversial decision.

In the previous edition of the World Cup, West Indies had created controversy after bowler Keemo Paul mankaded Zimbabwe's Richard Ngarava.

A run-a-ball 99 from Wandile Makwetu helped South Africa recover from a precarious position and complete a 76-run victory over Windies which sealed their place in the quarterfinal of the Under-19 World Cup. His tweet read, "This is a absolute joke...not in the spirit of the game.I have done this nearly a 100 times".

Bishop, who is a commentator for host broadcaster, said: "The batsman isn't trying to gain an advantage".

West Indies won the toss and invited South Africa to take first use of the wicket at Blake Park. "The batsman isn't trying to gain an advantage".

The on-field umpires were convinced and sent it upstairs where the third umpire Ranmore Martinez gave the decision in favour of the fielding team, in keeping in line with the ICC code of conduct. He is not trying to be unfair. The ball has stopped. I think we did that putting 430 on the board, and to go out and bowl like we did today, we were really happy.

"The Netherlands have got some big players back in recent times, so they'll be tough, while PNG are improving all the time".